Apartments for sale in La Pineda

In Grupo inmobiliario Costa Dorada we are API agents and so it we want to help you with your building, offering you an integral service:

  • To organize the sale, announcing the building across channels of communication that should be accessible to the possible buyers
  • To know the needs of the buying futures valuing the building, and fixing the real price of the market
  • To know the real-estate market and to know at all time the economic fluctuations to be able to apply them to yours properties, to obtain the real price and to be competitive.
  • To know the laws and all the steps to continuing to haven't disillusions and surprises in the transactions.
  • To agree and to negotiate the visits of the possible buyers and to attend to them at all time to the needed needs.

f you are looking for a building to buy do not hesitate to visit our portfolio and if you want to sell your apartment contact us.