Tarragona is to the shore of the Mediterranean in the Costa Dorada. It counts a few beaches of hot and calm waters. The city has turned into center of tourist attraction for his origin, which goes back to the antique Tarraco. In there we will be able to enjoy an -> historical archaeological site considered heritage of the humanity for the UNESCO.

We will be able to enjoy of up to fourteen different places being the most notable:

The Old town placed in the high part of the city, is surrounded by the Roman wall nowadays with a kilometre of extension by a original door. In this zone we can find a gastronomic offer and of leisure looked by all the tourists.

The Amfiteatro dated back to the 1st century, which preserves in his interior remains of a Romanesque church

The Tarraco Arena Plaza dated of 1883 and it's composed of stone and brick.

The Roman Circus is in the old town of the city, where nowadays we will find archaeological remains of what was the circus.